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Workshop 3

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Mel Rutherford

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Workshop 31Why is learning a word hard Who is the philosopher that described this difficultyExplain this in terms plain enough for someone who had never thought about it beforeHow do children do itYou should be able to list and describe several examples of rules and social cues that children useaThe problem of referencewhen you point at something to label it you could be pointing to any aspect of what youre pointing atiQuinephilosopher who explained thisbHow to explain itwhen you point at a bunny and say bunny you could be telling a child that bunny means the animal the fur the ears the claw the grass mammals in generallogically there is an infinite number of things bunny could meancWholeobject assumption the assumption that children make that novel words will refer to whole objects to narrow the set of possible meanings that might be associated with a novel wordiWhen you say bunny when pointing at a bunny the child infers that bunny is the animal the object as a whole nothing specificdTaxonomic assumptionthe assumption that children make that novel words will refer to objects that are grouped conceptually or categorically rather than thematicallyiChildren group things thematically but they never make the mistake of applying a new word to describe another object with a thematic relationship they apply the new word only to other objects within the taxonomic category of like kindseMutual exclusivity assumptionthe assumption that children make that novel wor
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