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Lecture 22

PSYCH 2C03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Long-Term Memory, Sex In Film

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Jennifer Ostovich

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Revised F-A Hypothesis
Frustrating Experiences Negative Feelings Aggression
Rational thought affects frustrating experiences, and negative feelings
But Frustratio is’t Neessar
You can get an aggressive reponse from someone who has never been frustrated
Structure of information in long term memory, the way it is stored
o Spreading activation networks: storing information related to itself, emotions
and behaviours
o Ex. Show you guns, related things start come up, unconsciously make you
behave in a negative way without frustrating you at all, activated concepts
associated with aggression
Associationst perspective: associated concepts in long term memory, if concepts are
associated with aggressive concepts u act aggressive
Research Evidence?
Berkowtiz (1965)
Cover story
o Learning/shock paradigm
o Technical difficulty, something wrong with shocking machine, tells subject that
they will fix it within 10 minutes and sends them to another experimenter to
watch a video, watched the video of kurt douglas in a boxing match
o IV: Cofed’s ae
Kirk vs. not kirk
o Kirk is associated with violence in movie
o DV: shock intensity, they get to choose
o Participants who were teaching a guy named kirk shocked him with higher shock
intensities than a guy who was not named kirk
o Just the name of the leanrer activated the aggression related associated network
and caused people to be more aggressive than they would have been
More Evidence: The Weapons Effect
Can have a peaceful gathering, someone sends in the riot police and suddenly the
peaceful gathering turns violent
Thinks the police showing up with guns, dressed in black activates an aggressive related
associated network
Berkowitz on how the mere presence of weapons can affect aggression in the absence
of frustration and during frustration
Cover story
o Learning/shock paradigm
o Thinks participant is randomly assigned to be teacher, learner is research
o Guns are there and explained, or not there
o IV:s frustration; presence of aggressive cue
o DV: Aggression (shock intensity)
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