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October 30 - Ode to the Nod

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Religious Studies
Mark Rowe

Japanese October 30/2012 Ode to the Nod - 10 pm tonight by email – will give comments tonight - Culture and religion is transmitted also by the body – they embodied – lived through our bodies - Most of the communication comes from body language – not just by reading the words. Emoticon are used since it is important for the person to know how to take what you say - Every culture has certain body language that tells different things - Body culture that is not written in any texts - How we teach kids are shown through the body – when to bow, what to do, etc. – have to be physically moved through the movements - Scientists say that your born with all language because you have all the pathways but the pathways go away when you don’t grow up with the language - 3 myths with Kukai – have to do physical mudras – breath chanting and mouth – they are all physical forms of the religion - My understanding from Buddhism does not come from paper alone – you have to do the actions because it’s both of those things - So many of these practices in involve breathing – a bodily practice/embodied - Fat stores trauma and once you start burning them it comes to you and makes it hard - How important all the physical embodiments are – particularly drinking - Any aspect of a culture no matter how important – even drinking or taking a bath – are actually wonderful aspects points to culture. If you’re looking correctly – anything – can be studied deeply and lead you into a culture - Toilets tell you a whole lot about culture - Hierarchy of seating o Notice that the younger students keep standing – because they have to tell you where to sit o Drinking breaks down the hierarchy – so first you sit in the proper place, and then eventually the seating arrangements break down o Best way to do that is to offer them a drink o Never pour your own drink o When someone pouring for you, don’t just leave the glass on the table – at least put your hand on the cup – properly you should hold it with two hands
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