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Lecture 12

SOCPSY 2M03 Lecture 12: Guest Lecture

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Social Psychology
Glen Steeves

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 Lecture 11: Application of Symbolic Interactionism — Disability and Humour by Alan Santinele
 SOCPSY 2M03 | Multidisciplinary of Social Psychology | CO1 | Kathleen Steeves Introduction • Him and his brother were waiting for their parent when an individual left a coin in tears in his brothers hand
 - His parents were upset and lectured them about taking money from others
 - One perspective could say that the old man was maintaining a structure that oppressed those with disability and promoted the charity model that those with disabilities require sympathy and help He is exploring questions regarding humour: When do we laugh? Why do we laugh?
 • - How can we take humour seriously in a sociological lens • Our interactions and associations shape the jokes we are able to make and the jokes we are not able to make A Sociological of Disability Treated as a category variable as you are either disabled or not disabled • • Critique of only using disability in medical terms • SI has the most used theoretical approach to those looking at disability • Disability is often defined as different or deviant or sick • It is associated with negative terms and never as good as non-disability Sociology of Humour • There is a field of humour • It was not considered seriously which meant that individuals did not study it because they did not want to be undermine the seriousness of the field • Sociology and hum
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