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Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

 Sovereignty of Consumerism o Who is in charge of goods and services? o Who is setting the standards? o We are the ones being driven by the market, we don’t drive the market  Patina orientation is something society used to be based on  Everything that was a childs toy or furniture was imported from England in 1800s  Only in the 1900 and twentieth century we would buy lumber and make things  1970 > Canadian children on average had 90 toys each “junk in the trunk”  1990 > toys and barbies (girls had 6 barbies in average) so many barbies were sold that it could circle the earth 3.5 times  Booming business in childrens products (1900) , Canada moved from the agriculture to manifacruting and became quite industrilzed  There was competitive pricing, became innovative  We see 22 000 commercials we come across as an individual  Toys help formulate fundamental attitude for children, discover identity  There is a problem with the children today > when we let them be saturated with the stuff around them, they actually lose their imagination  If we look and listen to children then we find out there are junkies and they are so advanced in terms of technology that there is a generation gap between the parents and children.  You often hear parents say ‘when I grew up I onl
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