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Lecture 13

2D06 Lecture 13 "The Social Psychology of Deviance Part 3".docx

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Sarah Clancy

Fox 1 Lecture 13 SOCIOL 2D06 Wednesday January 22, 2014  Social Psychology on Deviance Part 3  Interaction & Deviance: • Deviance is a violation of: o Mores “…widely held beliefs in society…formalized into law…involving both deep sentiment and harsh punishments for breaking them…derived from folkways…” Ex=Murder o Folkways: “…rules of behavior and custom passed down through group or society…” Ex= Table manners o Taboos: “…violations of behavior prescribed through mores…” Ex=incest  Interactionism & Deviance: • Ethnomethodology: “…how individuals account for what is happening in social interaction” o Lack of shared meaning: different people = different interpretations • Importance of: o Indexicality: how we organize our “…thoughts, feelings and behaviors…” Ex=Perceptions about drinking o Reflexivity  Labeling Theory: • Based on the core tenets of SI theory • Nothing is inherently deviant’ however, the meaning (i.e.: the LABEL) we attach to acts, behaviors, appearances, etc., is • Deviance is in the “eye of the beholder” • Deviance does not always refer to actions, persons, behavior, etc., that are: o Bad o Criminal o Against the law o Illicit • Since deviance is in the eye of the beholder, it can be any behavior that is labelled and reacted to o Something that falls outside of the “norm” o Therefore, subjective Fox 2 Lecture 13  Labelling Theory: Variants: I. Tannenbaum (1938) and the dramatization of evil: • Analyzed how adolescents (juvenile delinquents) become deviant through a process of “tagging” • Process of tagging being defined as deviant 1) By agents of social control (formal and informal) 2) Those tagged become defined as bad over time 3) Those tagged take on the label/self-internalize the label II. Lemert: Primary & Secondary Deviance: • Primary deviance: “…the initial act that causes others to label the individual a deviant…” • Ex= Being grounded (punishment after the initial act) but avoiding further involvement in deviance • Secondary Deviance: “…after an individual accepts the deviant label and continues to commit deviant acts, thus supporting the initial label…” o Taking on a master status or a deviant identity o Ex= Even after punishment, continuing to engage in behavior that is deviant and taking on that label • Labeling can come from both formal and informal spheres and different agents of control III. Becker (1963): Outsiders, the Deviant Career and Moral Entrepreneurs: • Outsiders: Those who have been labeled and accept identification with a deviant label • Deviance occurs over time and is a process through primary and secondary deviance, followed by joining a subculture
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