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David Young

Fox 1 Lecture 10 SOCIOL 2S06 Thursday October 10, 2013 Tragedy and Collapse A Family Dispute  Occurred in 1897 when his parents were visiting he got into a very bitter argument with his father about how he was treating his mother  Never saw his father again and he died a few weeks later A Nervous Breakdown  Soon after his father’s death he had a nervous breakdown  Experienced exhaustion, sleeplessness and anxiety  All worsened into a severe depression o Was completely unable to function  Resigned from his position as professor and gave up his job  Spent the next several years in total collapse Causes of the Breakdown  Catalyst was his guilt and remorse over the death of his father  Tension between his parents also played a role  Stressed, sexually repressed and overworked  Mental illness also ran in his family Recovery from the Collapse  1903 finally started to recover  1904 he returned to academic writing  Went to the US in 1904 because he was invited to give a lecture  He noticed that American capitalism was dominated by large corporations o Noticed that the large corporations were bureaucracies o Also noticed that the businessmen who were running these businesses were predominantly Protestant Return to Research and Writing  1905 Weber published his most famous book The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism  1907 he received a substantial inheritance from his grandfather  1909 Weber began to work on Economy and Society o Talks about religion, capitalism, stratification, power, rationalization, bureaucracy, etc.  1910 helped form the German Sociological Society Later Years The War Effort  WWI started in 1914 and he initially supported Germany’s war effort  Enlisted as a reserve officer and a director of military hospitals Return to University Employment  Decided to resume his academic work  1918 he eventually settled on the University of Munich o Officials at Munich allowed him to focus on teaching sociology Tragedy and Death  His mother died in 1919 and his younger sister committed suicide in 1920  Weber was diagnosed with pneumonia shortly after his sister died  He himself died in 1920 at the age of 56 WEBER AND 21 CENTURY SOCIETY  Gave us an extensive analysis of bureaucracy o Still used by sociologists today  Analysis of inequality o Recognized the importance of class in inequality, but also looked at status, po
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