SOCSCI 2O03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Indus River, Industrial Revolution, Stone Age

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Lecture 2 : Canadian Children
1. Barbarism : Mores (unwritten laws) – verbal declaration in terms of ownership of land ;
Unwritten law: people laid claim on their land, crops, animals
2. Civilization : create laws, law of the land
family - Women is subordinate to man , children as well
Monogamy was enforced on women, man could still sleep around, she could not be a hoe. This was
because man could make sure that the children were his, because he leaves his property to his children.
Women were not entitled to inherit anything.
Pre industrial family – oppression of women was realized. This established inequity between male and
New stone age
Cooperation replaces conflict – conflict is reduced and society becomes less volatile, becomes more
3. Kinship patterns: my family my property, sophistication, non-violence
4. Mutual idea that we need to have children to inherit
5. Territorial hostility was replaced by harmony and peace amongst all
3. Combined production and consumption”
Men becomes interested in 5Ps – Property, Production, Profit, paternity, politics
Women needed to have domestic virtues – can cook, clean, maintain, have kids
Women dependency increases on men, children depended on father.
Women had to remain virgin until marriage.
Fertile Areas
1. tiger shucraties river valley – turkey to Iraq : men came to lay claim
2. Indus river valley
Institutionalization of marriage. Marriage made legal. All marriages heterosexual.
476 – 1400 AD
2 types of women that were not seen as unclean, evil, hoes . But seen as good independent women. Did
not want to be inferior
1. Abisis and prio……… - didn’t want to be just mothers but wanted to do something non-
traditional – teachers, nurses etc . run business with husband
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