SOCWORK 1A06 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Invisible Disability, Bipolar Disorder, Mania

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Lecture 10: Mental Health
Invisible Disability
- Mental Illness is not easy for us to determine
- Might not be obvious to others or ourselves, making it an
invisible disability
- The world is becoming faster paced and more stressful and
mental illness is becoming more of an issue in our society
- Anxiety is the most common mental illness
- It is characterized by an intense idea of fear or worry
- People diagnosed with anxiety it more often
oIndividuals with anxiety could feel stressed in moments
that aren’t necessarily stressful, or non-major events
oThey could have more prolonged anxiety than a normal
- Also a common mental illness
- Is a sense of sadness or low energy and loss of interest
- Could cause body aches and pains
- Feelings of self doubt or a loss of sense of self
- A form of anxiety
- Obsessive thoughts and actions
oCannot get a thought out of your head until you act
oIf the thought is not acted on, there is a belief something
bad might happen
Bipolar Disorder
- Feeling of Highs (mania) and lows
-Mania: an elevated state where you are a step above being over
con4dent or thinking you are invincible
- Lows are a dip down into a depressive episode
- Schizophrenia is the most misunderstood mental illness
- Includes
oDisorganized thinking
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