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Peter Cockett

T&F 1T03 week 2: The Elements of Theatrical Production  01/15/2014 Key Process Observation, description, analysis Describe – nouns, adjectives – what specific things do I see? Associate –what associations do they raise? Let your imagination roam Select meanings – relating these observations to each other and to the work as a whole, which ones are important? This stage is about trying to detect the logic or protocol behind the production choices Synthesize to create argument - … Production Elements • Set • Costume • Lighting • Sound • Outreach • Acting style Set • Line & shape ⇒ Vertical, horizontal, curved, straight, geometric, ect. • Texture & pattern ⇒ Smooth, rough, etc. ⇒ What does the pattern reflect? • Balance ⇒ Symmetrical, asymmetrical? ⇒ Is one side heavier than the other? • Colour ⇒ Dark, light, etc. • Style/genre Functions of Sets • Establish interpretive frame through which the action should be read • Define location(s) ⇒ Utility – how the space is used ⇒ Class – social class ⇒ Genre – is the space male/female ⇒ Culture • Create possible patterns of movement ⇒ Entrances/exits ⇒ Significant blocking Create mood(s) Costume Line & cut Texture Colour Material Functions of Costume Position actors/characters in relation to audience/each other Establish period, location Clarify the social expectations of the fictional world Establish relationship of characters to fictional environment … Lighting distribution direction shape/size quality (sharp/diffuse) character (patterns, texture) Intensity Relative brightness Movement Duration of changes Movement of onstage lightness Colour Or lack of Functions of Lighting focus
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