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Theatre & Film Studies
Anna Robertson

Reading Film 06/01/2011 13:32:00 Globalization and the Blockbuster  Film industry practices and econ tend to determine stylistic and thematic concerns in contemp US cinema.  1. We consider some of the commercial concerns that inform contemp film makers practices in the globalising US film industry  2. We consider the limitations places by theses practices on the range of possible meanings that film audiences globally may access when decoding blockbuster hits. Review Mise-en Scene o Lighting (direction, quality, colour, cource) setting and props, performance, costume and make-up Cinematography o Camera angles, camerea distance, camera, movement camera tech, camera focus, framinig, off screen space and on screen space, duration Editing o Types of shot transitions, rhythm, graphic relations, spatial relations (180 degree rule, Kuleshov effect ect) Sound o Dialouge/speech and the human voice, music, sound effects/ noise, silence, pitch, volume, timbre etc. Ex. 2012, the grocery store scene o The cornyness of the “I think there something pulling us apart” o Danger music of the slow earth crack thing, also the noises (use of silence in a disaster movie) o Nuclear family o Hating the new boyfriend already from his comme
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