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Lecture 24

ARTH 301 Lecture Notes - Lecture 24: Postcolonialism

Art History and Visual Culture
Course Code
ARTH 301
T'ai Smith

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ARTH 300
Nov 22
Godard was a leftwing artist, why did he less and less answer the questions in the
His response is sincere because his capacity of being interviewed was exhausted,
nothing more to be said.
A lot of artists want to have a constant justification.
Being a writer or artist are different languages
Role that author/artist play in constructing narrative in his own work
Foucaul’ts What is an author. He describes disappearance of author, the work has a
function beyond the author.
Matters how these forms operate within new discourses that emerge through
70s and 80s: feminism. New discourses emerge and painting means
something else. Who is the intended spectator? How is the body being used?
What do African objects relate to postcolonialism?
Godard tries to remove himself from discourse of the meaning of his work. Maybe in
silence a new potential opener is offer to new readers come to interpret, make
theory/knowledge of these objects, like Gareth.
What productive potentialities exist in that concept of silence that is useful to us as
art historians?
The field has been silent on any conversation/dialogues that occur between Godard
and Said, it is not clear if they ever met each other, they never directly point to each
other but everyone know they should be.
Gareth says there is something there in the nothingness. Humanity’s constant
quest of truth
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