ENGL 153 Lecture 20: (March 29th 2017) Analysis of From the Graveyard of the Arousal Industry Part 2 & Marxism/Cultural Studies

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University of British Columbia - Okanagan
ENGL 153
George Grinnell

English 153 March 29 2017 Analysis of From the Graveyard of the Arousal Industry Part 2 & Marxism/ Cultural Studies What Sort of Values are Associated with Punk Culture?  Style, Refusal and Rejection, Small Scale, Deviance, Antagonism, Subversion, DIY, Urgency and immediacy, Impotence and power, Anti-Music and Anti- Entertainment, Culture without a profit-motive  How does these punk values shape Pearson and his memoir? Punk as a Subculture  Punk and its values/practices are crucial for understanding how Pearson aggressively rejects social norms regarding how he is supposed to be; in a sense, punk proves a “language” and an opportunity to defy the mainstream that has rejected him  As a practice and a set of values, punk helps to explain much of the defiant tone of the memoir  But there is more going on than this, this is not just a memoir of one person’s desire to reject cultural norms; it is also about creating alternatives to what Pearson finds lacking in mainstream culture  Nor is the book just an expression of punk culture, punk values and aesthetics are found throughout it but the memoir has ambitions that are more than just pissing people off and alienating oneself/others Does the Memoir Helps Us to Rethink Punk’s Attitude of Rejection?  Rejection is often a way of refusing something, but it might also be a way of provoking thought  We know from hearing some of Pearson’s music and from reading about the concerts he is involved in, that he is quite willing to provoke an audience  Why someone rejects something might be undertaken for any numbers of reason - some principled, some haphazard, some just to shock others Marxism and Cultural Studies  Taking its cues from the political philosophy of Marxism, cultural studies develops a political analysis of how culture works and how we interact with culture that stresses the effects of capitalism upon culture  This approac
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