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Evolution and Diversity - Lecture 1.docx

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BIOL 103
Peter T Boag

Biology 103 – Week 7, Lecture 1 - Terminology o Evolution: accumulation of inherited changes in populations over time, leading to related species, pattern of evolution is an accepted fact in science, the theory that ‘evolution by natural selection’ is the dominant mechanism for evolution acknowledges that other processes contribute to evolutionary change – divergence of one species into two or more species o Darwinian Fitness: an individual’s ability to survive and reproduce relative to other members of a population o Population: group of individuals of one species living in one geographic area and sharing the same gene pool o Species: group of populations composed of organisms with common ancestry, sharing similar structures, functions, behaviours, etc. and able to freely interbreed in nature o Community: group of species that live together and interact in a given area o Ecosystem: an interactive system composed of one or more communities and their abiotic (physical) environment o Biosphere: all of Earth’s ecosystems taken together - Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection o Proposed by Darwin and Wallace o Natural selection always favours individuals o Based on four observations:  Variation in phenotype (size, shape, behaviour) exists among individuals  High reproduc
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