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Lecture 6

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Classical Studies
CLST 200

Clst 200 Lecture 6  Archaic Age: C. 750/700 – C.500/480 o Writing Is only restarting at this time o Alphabet is based on Phoenician alphabet  No more syllabic script, use vowels o Pithikoussai: Phoenicians and Greeks living in the same community – could have been when writing started  Needed to record commerce, trades, etc.  Social tension beginning at this time o Dark age time of Rising Wealth  Led by Basileus  Local aristocrats, 2-3 families  No excessive wealth, just leaders  Social tensions prompted by growing wealth  Very little historical records at beginning o Group from Sparta founds colony at Tarentum  Social unrest in Sparta  Group who didn’t fight became unacceptable and must leave  Sparta was expanding power, had attacked Messenia  Could have been due to overpopulation  Tarentum  Great port  Could help with commercial interests  Created late eighth century o Kleros  Comparative history  Plot of land inherited by sons of owner  Plot becomes too small  Creates unrest  People need money and hire selves out for manual labour o Typically to Aristocratic elite  Always best land  Majority don’t have enough land to survive o Synoikism  Communities coming together  Do better if working together  Was it prompted by leaders ?  Doesn’t occur all over Greece  Mostly in South o Where communication with other groups was established  Middle Greece organized into tribes  Ethnos  South looked at them as lesser beings o Colonization: Greeks in the Mediterranean  Greeks have spread far  Magna Graecia (Major Greece) – South of Italy o Naples o Good land / climate o Not far from Greece o Known to them through Phoenicians and Etruscans  Greeks in Corsica and Sardinia  Settle in Spain as well  Phoenicians had best spots  Greeks took what was left  Colonized coast around black sea  Cyprus  Coast of North Africa o Apoik
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