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Lectures September-11-13 1:57 PM Lecture one Part one September-11-13 1:57 PM  When you behave in an automatic way without reference to the ever changing world around you, you will become a social nuisance  Humor o Speech speaks o We stop thinking without linguistic constraints o English constrains us to say things that have already been said before o Humor originally a medical term  Ancient medicine o No idea what the human body looked like on the inside  Ancient Greeks and romans terrified of body mutilation after death o Hence no human dissections  Worst curse to lay on any one was o Go to the crows (greek) o Go to the cross (roman)  Greeks and romans that any wounds inflicted on the dead after burial would be born in the shades of the underworld  Ancient doctors allowed to let imagination run wild o They thought that the human body was governed by four liquids or humors:  Phlegm- from lungs  Bile - from liver  Blood - from heart  Black bile - from gull bladder o The four humors had to be kept in temperate If the humors got out of whack you would be distemperment   To re align humors doctors would try and balance them by draining out some of you blood o Humors also effected your state of mind  Two much phlegm and you became with drawn  Too much bile and you were placed in a permanent state of rage  Too much blood and you were permanently happy  Too much black bile and you fall into a depression  When you stop following social norms people laugh at you Lecture one part two September-11-13 2:18 PM  Humor resides in the character  Humor is identified with certain identifiable types o Hum
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