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Lecture 4

CLST 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Pincer Movement, Philip V Of Spain, Imperium

Classical Studies
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CLST 201
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After the dictatorship of Flavius Maximus, they burned grain, hit at night.. It was effective
but Romans didn't like it because it was delaying victory
Hannibal didn't have resources, but had genius
Managed to get Romans to play his game
216, Battle of Cannae
This battle confirmed the wisdom of the policy of Q. Fabius Maximus Cunctator
Carthaginians vs. Romans
Run back, Romans chase Hannibals forces... Cavalry comes around sides and surround
Romans are massacred
Pincer movement, envelopment
1. Carthaginian 35 000 infantry and 10 000 cavalry
2. A) Livy- Roman 48 000 infantry, 6000 cavalry
Casualties approximately 50 000 (important survivor- P. Cornelius Scipio Junior)
B) Polybius- 80 000, 6000 cavalry
Casualties approx 70 000
Defection of Capua and Syracuse- The alliance with Phillip V of Macedonia (with
First Macedonian war
Theater of Spain- Gnaeus and Publius Scipio (senior) versus Hasdrubal, Mago-->
Hannibal's brothers
They were quite successful- from ancient patrician family... Great morale booster
Sagnatum captured 212 BC but both brothers Scipio killed in 211 BC
Sagnatum is where the war started
Publius senior had a son, Publius junior
Roman senate said on behalf of Scipio senior wanted to take charge of army
P.Cornelius Scipio given proconsular imperium in Spain 210 BC
Turns out to be a great commander
Capture of Carthago Nova (New Carthage) 209
Hasdrubal escapes to Italy, Metauras River 207
Took army unexpectedly to Italy to help Hannibal
Macedonian war- 215- 205
Marcus Claudius Marcellus- great commander
Plebian Claudian
Curule chair- reserved
Wanted to recover Syracuse- Marcellus' task
Walls of Syracusi
Secret weapon was brain of Archimedes of Syracuse
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