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Lecture 15

COMM 131 Lecture 15: Week 8, Session 1

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COMM 131
Nicole Robitaille

Session 1 Chapter 9 - Brand Strategy and Management (Pg. 329-351) Brand: A name, term, sign, symbol, or design, (or combination) that identifies the products or services of one seller, or group of sellers, and differentiates them from those of competitors. • Words, metaphors, analogies, concepts… • Brands have personality and involve consumer emotions. • The brand is more valuable than the totality of all the assets. Brand names… • Help consumers identify beneficial products. • Say something about product quality/consistency. • Provide legal protection for unique product features that might otherwise be copied by competitors. Brand Meaning Trademarks and logos represent brands, customers attach meanings to brands and develop brand relationships that go beyond a product's physical attributes. Brand Relationships Brands are a key element in the company's relationship with consumers. Brands represent consumers' perceptions/feelings about a product and its performance. Brand Advocacy Brand marketers create and communicate stories about their brands. Can encourage feedback/storytelling from consumers who love their brand and create brand advocates. Brand Advocates: Customers, employees, and others who willingly and voluntarily promote their favourite brands (ex. Youtubers, bloggers etc.) How can brand advocacy be created? 1. Trust: Word of mouth (good/bad) influences brand perceptions. Build trust with BAs by nurturing their recommendations/opinions. 2. Close to Home: Create BAs in the world around you. Gain support from customers/employees, and their brand enthusiasm will spill over into words/actions. 3. Make Customers/Employees Part of the Brand Story: Put them at the heart of the brand. Ex. real customer-service calls featured in Zappos commercials, 'I heart Zappos' stories etc. 4. Deliver an Experience That Gets Them Talking: Persistence + effort + loyalty. Microsoft advocates vs. Apple advocates. 5. Outperform Where They Care The Most: Understand/solve problems for brand participants. People as Brands Marketing can turn a person's name into a powerhouse brand, (ex. Oprah, Martha Stewart, Donald Trump). • Athletes have become their own brand, there's more control over how, when, and where their image is marketed. Brand C
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