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BDM (Y. Levin)

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Queen's University
COMM 163
Yuri Levin

BDM Sept 28th Notebook: 163 Created: 28/09/2011 11:33 AM Updated: 28/09/2011 12:38 PM Chandler (1) Input 1 Prod 1 Mix Input 2 Prod 2 1. Decisions: n*m decisions (introduced in a table) Crude 1 mix with Crude 2 in order to make 2 products Gas Heating oil Crude 1 X11 X12 X11 + X12 Crude 2 X21 X22 X21 + X22 X11+X21 X12+X22 Given that Xij is the amount of Crude i in Product j. ie, i = 1,2 j = 1, 2 Constraint - quality level constraints: Gasoline must have average quality level of 8 - Actual quality >= required quality - 10X11+5X21 >= 8(X11+X21) don't need to /2 here, it's already weighted average Heating must have average quality level of 6 - 10X11+5X21 >= 6(X12+X22) multiply by total amount of heating oil? Resource constraint: X11+X12 <= 5000 X21+X22 <= 10,000 Non negativity constraint: Xij >= 0, i = 1, 2; j = 1, 2 Objective max profit: (25 - 0.20)(X11+X21) + (20-0.10)(X12+X22) WHY DO YOUSUBTRACT 0.20 from GAS AND 0.10 FROM OIL Julia's Food booth case Inputs: C1 = $1000 (Cost of booth per game) She can sell either food or drinks, but not both C2 = Cost of leasing a warming oven for the 6 game home season Over has 16 shelves, which is 3ft x 4ft Fill the oven with 3 items twice per game
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