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FILM 206

Film and Media
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FILM 206
Frank Burke

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Film 206 : 10/05/11
Wednesday : 15h15
No class Monday
Rewrite : problems ?
Which were resolved ? which were not ?
Carried too many pbs
Brief and clear opening paragraph
One subtopic can be more important than others= not problem
Body of essay doesn’t have to be well balanced as long as it is justified
Part on color: ridiculous here, suggest the cold war, its atmosphere, the
Not clear at all
Leaps to avoid: mismatched socks lack of role model
Linked to his inability to conform, part of the absurd way scty wants us to
conform shown in this movie
About pressure to conform
Failure on American scty
Red, white and blue everywhere : colorblind scty who can only see these
When Plato wears these colors he looks ridiculous ‘cause he doesn’t fit in
this scty
Rewriting : clearer and more structured
Statement easier to pull out
Open to reflection
“Reflecting fear and uncertainty” make statement unclear
better if dealing either with one or the other: psychological effect or
technology and ideology
complicated path
hard work to keep separate things, make sure to create links or get rid of
sthing that doesn’t fit!
Original essay
Be formal in presentation : WWII World war two or Second World war
4 four
US atomic = no! American
Polarized world, not bi-polar
Popular and vilification = oxymora either one or the other
Advice for essays:
Make sure you’re not using 10words when you could be using only 4!
Anchor writing in the argument
Be careful of synonymous
Don’t just say that something is interesting= waste of time, get to the
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