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Lesson 10 outline

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Queen's University
Film and Media
FILM 240
Sidney Eve Matrix

Lesson 10 Digital CultureI WEB 10 to WEB 20 mid 1990sWeb 10 Browsers Web directories search engines eCommerceEmailOlder people use more emailsDeath of emails FACEBOOK is trying to kill emails hotmails etcEcommerce ebay and amazon convenient and fairly good customer serviceSeniors use the most of ecommerce resources 77Web 20 Architectures of participationdigital dividesSocial networks and collaboration2000s MySpace Facebook Wikipedia YoutubeDemocratizing have many voices and diverse representationsDigital divides pluggedins vs unplugged80 of Canadians 16 and older use the Internet regularly thBut ranks 13 in the worldHousehold income higher the income more they are connectedDigital divides according to geographic regions urban area 75Web First Digital proclivities and alwayson lifestylesWeb first for information entertainment etcThe comfort of ambient connectivity statversationssms6mgs per waking hour42 the tethered life teens say the primary reason they have a cellphone is for textingGadget love it has so muc
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