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Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
GEOL 104
Michael T.Mc Bride

HydrolysisThe reaction of any substance with waterhydrogen replaces one of the ions in the mineralresults in dissolved ions and solid productsoccurs in poure water but is faster in acidic watercommon weathering type silicate mineralmain product is clay mineralsbauxite is produced fromsilicates that undergo severe weatheringit is an ore mineral for aluminium Spheroidal Weatheringchemical weathering attaches edges and corners first due togreater surface area and exposureAngular block becomes more roundedSilicate minerals weather to clay minerals which absorb water and expand This expansion causes concentric cracks whch expands and falls away making the block smaller and smallerHence this is the process where angular blocks become rounder and smallerThis is a chemical process that occurs right where the rocks are this does NOT happen in a stream or whateverIn this case chemical weathe
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