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Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
GEOL 106
David Alan Hanes

March 22 2013 4/3/2013 11:26:00 AM Mass Wasting and Slope Stability Continued Safety Factor Continued -Consider the different terms on the safety factorwe will come back to this -Right now: Is there anything that we are missing in this analysis? Slope Stability and Water -Water can infiltrate into the ground (called groundwater) -Can decrease slope stability by adding extra weight and creating pore pressure that creates uplift ***We will come back to mas wasting*** Groundwater Contamination -Water can move underground and carry toxic chemicals -Forms a leachate plume (mass of potentially contaminated water moving underground) -Problem: garbage gets stored in an open-pit mine that has been abandoned Need to determine where the potentially toxic leachate is going to go -How can water move through soil and solid rock? High porosity and high permeability -Review GEOL 104 -Ex: Sand soil is very porous, whereas clay soil is not -Permeability is the ease at which water can flow through the material (high permeability occurs if the pores are connected to eachother) Sand soil or sandstone are good examples Yes, water can flow through solid ro
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