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Queen's University
Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
GEOL 106
Paul Grogan

Lecture 4 Tuesday January 14 th Is Sustainability enough? 85% of the wealth in the world is given to the top Fifth. 1% is given to the world’s poorest fifth. 300 wealthiest people equal the same annual income of 41% of the human population Gini Coefficient---- What is a suitable ethical framework for Earth-Systems Engineering? a) Sustainability b) Equity At least both of these are necessary Sustainability more complicated than rocket science. Minimizing the RISK and scale of unplanned or undesirable perturbations in such systems is an obvious E.S.E (Earth System Engineering) objective – Allenby  RISK MANAGEMENT Risk Analysis and Risk Management How to mitigate (geological) HAZARDS  Minimize damage and loss of life/injuries  Similar approach used for ALL types of risks Haiti 2010 Earthquake deaths ~ 300,000 Earthquakes Risk analysis and risk management for a proposed nuclear power plant on Lake Ontario shore just west of Kingston. Scenario The government of Ontario proposes to build a Nuclear Reactor on the shore of Lake Ontario near Kingston - Our task: carrying risk analysis and risk management study, for the government, focused on seismic risk  Earthquake risk Risk analysis and Risk management - We carry this out in order to minimize damage from Hazards, Disasters and Catastrophes – define these terms: Hazard: something which might cause harm to
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