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Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
GEOL 106

Hazard City • For now, peruse the map reading exercise o Introduction o Basic Map Reading o Reading Topographic Maps o Plateau Map o (Nothing has to be handed in) Hazard City • First assignment will be on Earthquakes • Details given later Global Newspaper • Quake does limited damage yesterday Jan 18, in Pakistan with a magnitude of 7.2 Earthquakes • Shen-shu in chine 1556 killed 830,000 • Indonesia 2004 killed 250,000 • Haiti 2010 killed 175,00 Scenario • The government of Ontario proposes to build a NUCLEAR REACTOR on the shore of lake Ontario near Kingston. • Our task: Carry out a RISK ANALYSIS and RISK MANAGEMENT study for the government, focused on SEISMIC RISK. Generic Approach to RISK ANALYSIS and RISK MANAGEMENT Risk Analysis • 1. Understand the Hazard (in general) o Ex. Avalanche – snow and steep slope • 2. Determine the risk from the hazard for the region of interest o Risk = P xhS h Risk Management • 3. Determine ways to reduce P anh/or S h o Ex. For an avalanche hazard in a given region, how can we reduce S h (Severity of consequences of the hazard happens). To essentially 0? • 4. Do a “cost”- benefit analysis o Determines what you can “afford” to do o Ex. Fish Rides o “Cost” – Benefit Analysis  Economic  Environmental  Social  “Personal” Choice  What risks are we willing to take for what benefits? o Ex. Case study of Chlorinating water in Peru  USA studies showed that CL (Ch
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