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Global Development Studies
DEVS 305
Sidney Eve Matrix

Lec 05 Thursday February0912 PoliticsMax weber classical sociologist specialized in many things and politics was one of themFine definitions in lectureWhen u think of politics u think of power institutionalized system hand out power agenda society and where are we going in societyEvery society rests on power and they call it the ability to desire the gold and resistance California the occupiers there were not really moving Ability is to achieve desire without assistance The exercise of power is a form of government Legitimacyauthority comprises institutions that formulate and carry out countrys laws and public policies in performing these functions the state regulates citizens in civil society or private sphere of social lifeThe nanny stateif u ride a bike u must wear a helmetMany studies done with riding a bike with or without helmets there are no rates of mortality for whether u wear it or not Be aware politicians always say that this tax is temp but it always stays there foreverPower can become legitimized when it does it becomes authority Governments try to get what they want by threatening people especially in democraciespeople in demo being justified You have to try and gain legitimacy you have to try to operate somehow What people always try to do is gain legitimacy There are three ways throughout history ot across history that says hour is legitimized People basically agree on how political things run the power to force people to do things When it is legitimized it becomes authority When you legitimize power you institutionalize it Ex in Canada the government cannot use power or coercion when it wants it can only use it during certain situations ex dedaring a state of emergencyLegal rational authority how a person can achieve power Run for a party when people go about it the right way according to the rules then society will go with it according to how its set upTotal power and totalism When the state has total power people cant resist soviet union had total power which ended over a period of time which ened up killing millions of peopleExporer niro in rome people are protesting in streets you have to fix the problem and he say let them hate until they fear but society cannot operate that way Dull continuitykeeps going on century ater century nothing changes much the occupational structure stays the same and nothing changes
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