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Lecture 5

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HLTH 237
Ron Shore

Andrew Sherratt  Contributed to our understanding of consumption habits  Seen as social activities  The ways in which people use psychoactive substances is situated in beliefs and social practices  In order to understand drug use, you have to understand the meaning of the drug to the users  Drug o A category of substances taken into human body for purposes other than nutrition  Medicinal preparations  Changes in body chemistry to achieve psychological rather than physiological effects o Constrained by law o Misleading  Human beings use drugs to alter their mental states o Ignores other aspects of consumption  Eg preparation, different ways of consumption  Ef food or drink o Modern societies have made drugs a commodity  Modern society has made more powerful and pure psychoactive substances  Dangerous and not used like traditional practises in the past Cultural Anthropology  Study of culture and society o Includes beliefs, practices that shape personalities o Shared ideas and practices o Unconscious structures that guide behaviours o Shared symbols o Individual and group identities o Social rituals o Norms and behaviours  All are formed from culture and society Altered States of Consciousness  Bourguignon o Altered states can be a continuum o Starts from REM sleep to possession o Hallucinations as mid point  Culture adds meaning to these experiences o Medical views possession and pathological o Other cultures view it as ceremonial  Wolfgang o Social history of stimulants and intoxicants o Articles of pleasure  A group of substances for human consumption which can be eaten, drunk or inhaled to create pleasures of the senses  Differs from foods that are just consumed as necessities  Intended to create pleasurable effect o Stimulant  Used in history  Not always used for enjoyment  Used for a practical function at the same time  Performance and enjoyment at the same time  The effects on the human body were all planned in spiritual and cultural ways  Brings individuals closer to society because it gives them pleasure o 3 Questions  In what ways have these substances affected human history  What meanings have been attributed to articles of pleasure in certain cultures and particular times?  How have changes in attitudes toward substances been linked to cultural changes? o Must look at historical, cultural, and economic dimensions on how and why people consume certain substances o How are drug and add
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