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Lecture 5

HLTH 237 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Andrew Sherratt, Social History, Stimulant

4 pages50 viewsWinter 2013

Health Studies
Course Code
HLTH 237
Ron Shore

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Andrew Sherratt
Contributed to our understanding of consumption habits
Seen as social activities
The ways in which people use psychoactive substances is
situated in beliefs and social practices
In order to understand drug use, you have to understand the
meaning of the drug to the users
o A category of substances taken into human body for
purposes other than nutrition
Medicinal preparations
Changes in body chemistry to achieve
psychological rather than physiological effects
o Constrained by law
o Misleading
Human beings use drugs to alter their mental
o Ignores other aspects of consumption
Eg preparation, different ways of consumption
Ef food or drink
o Modern societies have made drugs a commodity
Modern society has made more powerful and pure
psychoactive substances
Dangerous and not used like traditional practises
in the past
Cultural Anthropology
Study of culture and society
o Includes beliefs, practices that shape personalities
o Shared ideas and practices
o Unconscious structures that guide behaviours
o Shared symbols
o Individual and group identities
o Social rituals
o Norms and behaviours
All are formed from culture and society
Altered States of Consciousness
o Altered states can be a continuum
o Starts from REM sleep to possession
o Hallucinations as mid point
Culture adds meaning to these experiences
o Medical views possession and pathological
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