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Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

 One’s perception of another’s power often is more important/triumphs the actual amount of power they hold Legitimacy translates power into rightful authority  Legitimacy belief in the rightness of the decisions; you respect that person’s authority; and you follow instructions even if you do not garee with them or if they are foolish o How you determine who is able to exercise power o Appointed authority, earned authority, exercised authority  Ex. hijackers have power without legitimacy we do not respect their power, we do not think they are in the right. Pilot has legitimacy without power we still respect him  The power of force is often a more important way to exercise authority than anything else  Weber considered legal-rational authority as the most important kind as it was based on reasoning and foundations When is power legitimate?  Power must be exercised according to established rules to be legitima
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