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October 15, 2012- Democracy.docx

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Queen's University
Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

Democracy A complex response to a simple question “Who should rule?” Who wins an election?  Depends on what kind of election  Candidate with the most votes?  Government can win with less votes o More votes in certain ridings o The number of seats matter, not the overall vote Objectives Three different ways democracy has been used Direct vs. indirect democracy Democracy as a contested term  Does it mean anything anymore?  What is its etmology? o Rule of the people  Democracy is two things: it is about the people, and about the rulers “Democratic government means peoples freely chosen by and responsible to the governed” - John Plamenatz 1. Democracy as sovereignty of the people?  Corporations have the same rights as citizens  Sovereignty means ultimate authority in a territory  Have to be aware that there are limitations on what a government can do  Multinational corporations, the UN etc.; challenges to the state (places limitations)  Who are the people? o Women, aboriginals were not always people when it came to democracy o The people: universal suffrage  Constantly expanding  Who should rule? o Predominantly men o Have a connection to law o If democracy is suppose to represent the people, there should be a variety of people to repre
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