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Lecture 4

Pols241 Oct. 3 week 4 lec 3docx.docx
Pols241 Oct. 3 week 4 lec 3docx.docx

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Political Studies
POLS 241
Dru Lauzon

Pols241 Oct 3 Week 4 lecture 37paths to democracy o 1 external restoration after external reconquestNot important for Latin America o 2 Internal reformation after external conquestLiberated two forces battle it out leading to democracyNot important for latin america o 3 externally monitored installation after external conquestImported democracy according to American Allied modelsNot important for latin America o 4 redemocratization is initiated from within the authoritarian regimeMilitary plays key roleImportant because of o 1 technologyModern dictatorship depend on technology to control populationDepend on radios monitoring techniques file son people ectNo recent cases of strong authoritarian regimes being taken down through violence from within the countriesIndicates that when a regime falls one of the forces of the regime have to make a choice to give upTwo reasons why o 1 costAt some point civil society while they cant take down regime can increase the costs of repressionie South Africa under Apartheid the problem wasnt the military it was the economic costs Ex Imposing sanctions lead general strikes being considered as international pariahs all lead to the leadership giving up o 2 fearEx Brazilfear of the secret police
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