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Lecture 3

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Political Studies
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POLS 241
Dru Lauzon

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Pos241 oct.10 week 5 lecture 3  The active opponents, also known as dissidents, to the regime o Were kept quiet by the repression of the regime o Have a fundamental dislike of the regime  Ex. Labor movements etc- do not share the same values as the regime o Looked to for leadership by the other groups o Have a choice to make  Can call for armed rebellion and vocalize their displeasure  If they do this they will most likely lengthen the survival of the regime o Because it plays into the rhetoric of the state ( labeled by the regime as terrorists)  Thus, if there are terrorists all of a sudden the passive supporters will make a recalculation of their interests.  Therefore, violent opposition rarely works.  Second choice is to rally the passive supporters of the regime with the promise of peace and then organize the passive supporters of the regime to provide an alternative system to the regime as well as create political parties. They also need to try and bring in the core supporters of the regime who became neutralized or against the regime completely.  Thus the best way to bring down the regime is for them to embrace peace through democracy not violence. o Need to set aside their radical views o Should turn themselves into proponents of non-violence, make peace their platform.  The regime then becomes isolated o Because the regime thrives on the notion that only they can bring peace using force. o If you can show that there is another path to peace without violence then the regime becomes isolated.  Role of the opposition is to challenge the regimes’ monopoly of truth.  End of essential material for paper  The roles of the opposition (their roles in the fall of BA regimes can be used to inte
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