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Queen's University
Political Studies
POLS 250
Colin Farrelly

Pols250 winter term notes part 2 (Hegel)  Secret slide 1 o What I ought to do?  Answer provide by the institutions  Family: What duties do I have to fulfill? How do you balance these with that you want to do? Offers you guidance on how you are to live your life.  State: Obligations to respect institutionalized properties ie. Right to property.  Many of our actions can be explained because we have thee identities in the abovementioned institutions.  Secret slide 2 o Hegel on freedom part 1  “free agent is one who limits himself, but in this other is with himself”  What does it need? There is an subjective and objective condition  Secret slide 3 o Hegel on freedom part 2  Freedom as rational self-determination: captures the two elements mentioned above. If you went with just one of them, you are an empty moral agent on the one in which you are missing.  Different from contract theory  locke: What form of government would free and equal people consent to. There is an account that there are free people and they consent t a free government. In SON you are free.  Hegel: social constitutions play a vital role in shaping us as free and rational individuals. No free agents in SON. State plays a formative role in shaping your identity-liberals viewed this as straining peoples freedom. Says there is no free individual prior to the state.  Secret slide 4 o Objections to freedom  Doesn’t have intuitive traction (doesn’t match with liberty)  Imposes a split personality on human beings (two distinct selves- rational vs. empirical)  Opens door to authoritarianism (allows
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