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Lecture 2

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Queen's University
SOCY 306
Ryan Martin

306 week 2 Consumption, production and exchange Global trends- USA dominance, nations of shoppers China and India- workshops of the wold, manufacturers. Emerging middle class consumers Separation between where things are manufactured and where they are consumed.return to international economy. Dominance of brands and logos in recognizing consumer culture. Things themselves have less significance Consumption - changing over time and used differently in different cultures - using something up, - satisfaction of human needs through economic means. - part of everyday life - cultural universal - all cultures exchange. You cannot avoid consumption. How us humans survive. Use material things to construct social life. Meaning of consumption different across time and place. - consumption can be habitual. It is part of everyday life. It is routine. - it necessary throughout history- being social involves getting and using and exchanging things. Having possession, giving gifts, and having rituals. Giving it meaning, making it yours, using it symbolize identities. We are classified by goods and our social relations are shaped by consumption and social meaning to objects. - consumption is tied to production- consuming is using things that have been produced. Cooking is destruction and creation of new goods. You need to consume to produce. - from a supply perspective- process of production creates the things that make consuming possible - things only become what they are when they are used - the use of things creates the need for new production. Creates demand - production replaces things. - production creates accessories for things we need Production creates needs, desires, and wants - Cultures of consumption - more availability of stuff and more range of consumer goods - more specialization of goods. Specific items for specific needs - more interaction through markets. Systems of exchange. Value of good is through exchange, how much it is worth. New markets and new ways of exchanging. Eg paying for education. New markets - more places where we can engage in consumption. Leisure. Movies. - legitimization of credit and debt. Don't need to have the money for what you want. - explosion of advertising and packaging. Constant promotion , wallpaper of consumer culture - unlimited choices, everywhere. Limitless. You can't not make choices. Precise activities of consuming and using things China and India Changes in consumption of products. In china, more cars less bikes In India, production of worlds cheapest car Consumer lifestyle Western ways of doing things. Shopping malls. Leisure. New lifestyle Things being consumed creates images and identities Consumerism - a distinctive way of living - emerging in Europe and north America spreading across the world. Doinant in the west - conspicuous consumption (I shop therefore I am) - the right way to live, defines you
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