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Persuasive Messages

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CMN 124
John Burry

George Nico Communication in BTM (Notes) 10/23/12 Persuasive Messages A strategy for influencing opinion, overcoming resistance, and motivating action: - Persuasive communication motivates readers to accept recommendations and act on requests - It gradually breaks down resistance and establishes rapport with readers by appealing to their needs, interests, values and powers of reason - It achieves its purpose without threats or manipulation. It doesn’t coerce or make readers do something; it makes them want to do it. Preparing to write persuasively: - Know your purpose and exactly what you want the reader to do. Make your request seem reasonable, appealing, and beneficial to the reader. Collect the right supporting data. - Understand what motivates your readers. Consider their age and status to help determine their needs and goals: money, power, comfort, confidence, importance, friends, recognition, etc. How does your request: solve a problem, achieve a personal or work objective, or just make life easier? Your audience is asking itself: Why should I? What’s in it for me/you? Says who? - Consider design and layout. Opinions are often based on appearance alone. A proper layout conveys non-verbal messages. It should look attractive and professional. - Be positive and accurate. Plan on using a sincere, confident tone and language that reflects your relationship to the reader. Your information must be correct. Don’t distort or hide information, it compromises credibility. - Anticipate objections and plan how to deal with them. Persuasion is necessary when you expect resistance or when you suspect readers prefer the status quo. Consider why readers might object to your proposal and prepare clear and compelling counter-arguments. Readers are more receptive when their views have been respected and taken into account – consider including a concession statement that acknowledge objections non-judgmentally (although the new system may cause some disruptions at first, it will speed processing significantly…). Try to identify a win-win proposition. Persuasive arguments to counter resistance: - Short-term pain for long-term gain - The advantages out
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