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Lecture 4

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CMN 207
Sheila O' Neill

Communication Definition: Transmission of information from one individual and or group to another Relational: Between two parties Transactional: an exchange to solve a problem Need to find effective structure and organization to convey messages How well do you communicate? Sender = participant who has an idea to communicate in a message Encoding=converting ideas into code to convey message Channel=the pathway by which the message travels Message =oral, written or non verbal transmitted by sender to receiver Receiver= audience who extracts the meaning and facts to it Decoding =extracting meaning for the sent message Feedback =response of the receiver showing the message was understand Both should use the same language and codes for the messages to be understood Interpersonal aspects: Problems can arise between people Sender needs to convey intended meanings only Receiver needs to challenge any unclear message Messages go wrong because they are only partially understood Barriers cause miscommunication: Meaning is bypassed People lack skills Emotions interfere Physical elements distract
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