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Lecture 6

CRI 630 Lecture 6: CRI 630 - Lec 6 : Feb 27

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Creative Industries
CRI 630
Victoria Laurence

LECTURE 6 CHAPTER RECAP CHAPTER 10 - VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE WILLIAM BERNACH AND THE FOURTH WALL • DDB were Outsiders • Bernbach gave personality to products , characteristics that aligned with his own • VW became a character, the “little guy”, the outsider • Campaign stood in contrast to rest of American Auto ads (Big, bold,jets,beautiful women) — Tagline : Think Small They bring the audience in the conversation by asking them questions — This is the notion of the fourth wall — Tagline : Presenting America’s slowest fastback The language invites people in, to think about the product is a subtle way, developing a personality for the beetle Turned negatives into positives • • Honest, hardworking, no strong call to action • Use of white space ,small product shot (broke through the clutter and stood out in the midst of large product shots) • Fourth wall : Not being lectured, being included, letting audience in on the secret CHAPTER 11 MISS CLAIROL’S HOW TO ADVERTISE A DANGEROUS PRODUCT • How do you advertise common or “parity” products? • What about singular products? • Why was Hair colour a “dangerous” product? • Common/parity Products : Need distinctions • Singular products : Need allusion of acceptability • 1950’s , not acceptable to colour hair • Miss Clairol, one simple step, colouring services in salons increased by 500% Tagline : Does she, or doesn’t she? Hair colour so natural only her hairdresser knows for sure • • The images that were always featured was a woman and her child to show purity — Ambiguous headline was interpreted diff by men and women — “Women know, men don’t get it” — Product became necessity (once you start, you cant stop) CHAPTER 12 THE MARLBORO MAN • Cigarettes were first marketed as health products • This campaign was introduced when cigarette sales were dwindling • Marlboro name, elegant, English, Vague name.. evokes prestige Started as “ladies” cigarette, but it didn’t sell • • Enter the Marlboro Man : Distilled manhood — Prestige and Independence — American Cowboy • The package is a badge • Red package hints of bloodline and strength • Carrying it is a symbol of independence and manliness • You are what you smoke • Brand extensions and merchandise • Marlboro Country : Embedded in American culture MEDIA PLANNING Putting it together : The Media Plan Pompeii : In the Shadow of the Volcano The Exhibition, Royal Ontario Museum — Typically , ROM measures it’s success through attendance ( goal 210 000 non-members through the door for Pompeii) — Artifacts (often small and damaged) don’t make great ads, however, the story makes a great ads — Question ; what draws people in ? artifacts, or volcanoes? LECTURE 6 • Decision - The power of the hook would be what draws people in — Overall creative strategy : Big , explosive CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES • To drive attendance to surpass goals of 210 000 visitors to the exhibition • Generate word of mouth recommendations • Create a sense of urgency to drive ticket purchases • continual messaging throughout the exhibit to drive attendance • Introduce digital activations • Be bold and breakthrough clutter in the category with media and creative — Continue to build ROM brand equity Maximize reach and frequency of message against: • — Families — Active experience seekers / traditional adults (culturally active Adults) — Members ( rom doesn't measure their audience according to age, but rather life stages and psychographics) CAMPAIGN SUMMARY (in slides) MEDIA SNAPSHOT (in slides) • World view of campaign strategy ROM MEDIA MIX SPEND BY PERCENTAGE • Outdoor execution was primary monetary focus because of the keywords big and explosive • Digital - To track impressions, clickthrough, measurable data — Outdoor Executions • Streetcar wrap that comes with ads inside the streetcar(exterior and interior) — Moving billboard that covers most of the downtown core over the course of the summer • Bus Kings for impressions that gives greater reach for increased frequency • 4 - 5 3D shelters on Transit Shelters and Extensions • Dundas Station Zone : High impact (50 000 travellers a day) • Subway Domination : domination campaign — You own the space — Large murals — Pillers — Posters at platform level NEWSPAPER • More storytelling about the artifacts • Newspaper has an attentive audience and allows long text to share details and create excitement about the exhibition • Ran through duration of the campaign DIGITAL/ SOCIAL • Preroll and interactive ad units are very important to this campaign as it allows both audio and visual elements to drive our message and gives ROM the opportunity to create buzz and excitement around the exhibit • These will be paired with big box and leaderboard creative increase our reach to keep ROM top of mind, create awareness, drive attendance throughout the exhibit and educate consumers • Retargetting will allow us to build frequency against users while keep
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