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Lecture 3

CYC 302 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Psychological Abuse

Child and Youth Care
Course Code
CYC 302
Gurjeet Dhillon

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Chapter 4: The Social Milieu
Friday, October 14, 2016
11:17 AM
Checklist for Social Safety
1. Are the children free from physical harm or punishment from any person in the
While generally it is safe, there are indications related to physical harm.
o No corporal punishment,
o Hitting someone at
2. Are the children free from threats of physical harm or physical punishment?
Free from physical punishment
Not free from physical harm, scissors are left out
3. Are the children free from verbal, emotional & psychological abuse?
1. One child is always centered out
a. Name always on the board and gets timeouts at least once a day
4. Are there specific rules of conduct that apply to maintaining a socially safe
1. The "I care" rules
5. How do the adults respond if there is an incident where someone is physically
threatened or emotionally abused?
When there is an incident where someone is physically threatened or verbally
abused, do you agree with &/or feel comfortable with how it was handled by the
Checklist for Social Inclusivity
1. Are there cliques or factions in the milieu?
2. Is anyone consistently ignored or scapegoated in the milieu?
3. Is there anyone who withdraws from the group or is periodically absent from the
1. Who has lots of absentees?
4. Do the group members communicate well with each other?
5. Does the group have a good method of conflict resolution?
6. Does the group make decisions as a whole or are these members who stay silent or
who are left out of the process?
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