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Week 1: Individual vs. Structural

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Ryerson University
Disability Studies
DST 500
Erick Fabris

Week 1: Individual vs. Structural  Looking through different lenses  Dichotomy: Opposite sides of spectrum Psychologists and their Theories  Individual approach Freud  Inventor of psychoanalysis o Theory of how human behaviour and development o Techniques  Theory focusing on individual behaviours o Could generalize people (1 person has it, could apply to everyone)  Used hypnosis (to rid of symptoms)  Principle myth maestro (critique, he just generalized entire myth on how to understand human behaviour)  He’s popular in feminist dialogue (even though he was sexist) Phases of Development  Oral Phase  Nursing from mom, not nursed, bad. Over nursed, optimist and gullible  Anal Stage  Parents potty training, need to be firm with child  Falic Stage  Genitals o Talks a lot about Oedipal sexuality o Childs unconscious drive to possess opposite sexed parent to eliminate same sexed one  Latency  Sexual drive dormant  Genital  Heterosexual relationships Adler  In Freud’s circle early on, then differentiated from him  Inferiority complex  Relation between individual and environment  Sex was dominant  Freud too much self-gratitude, too less interpersonal  Still individualistic  Harbour feelings of inferiority complex o Life long look for want of power, wanted to be superior Erikson  Psychoanalysis o From Freud (‘Psy’ as general)  Theory of psychosocial development o Different phases  More interested in environmental factors than Freud  8 Areas of Crisis (lifespan)
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