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Lecture 2

Week 2 Lecture - Gods and Demons

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Disability Studies
DST 500
Jenna Reid

Week 2 Lecture – Gods and Demons  Language used to describe those that are “mad”; some used can illustrate a particular power over others o Street: psycho, crazy, lunatic, crackhead, retarded o Rehab/Politically Correct: Mentally challenged, special needs, socio-psychological disability, chemical imbalance o Diagnostic: learning disability, impairment(s), substance use, depression, autistic  Self-Identity o Mad identified = mad pride  Instead as a derogatory term, they take the language and change its meaning to a more positive term (e.g. LGBT) o Consumer: late 70s and early 80s; language that mental health system and those with mental health issues could use (those who have contact with mental health system)  Gave sense as people who were “consuming” the mental health system had purchasing power of the mental health services  Implies choice/ consume resources o Psychiatric Survivor: survive in societies and systems that devalue their personal experiences o Ex-Patient: patient who used to live in a hospital during course of treatment and as a result, assume the patient role where they have food cooked for them, a place to sleep, etc. and completely reliant on the hospital for taking care of themselves. Once they have left the hospital, take on title as ex- patient as they were determined to not return there and join social groups for support rather than the health system. o C/S/X (Consumer/Survivor/Ex-Patient) Movement o Psychiatrized: a social process that diagnosis one with a particular mental disorder  Individual model – the way to describe those with a mental disability/psychiatrically disabled o Individual: person killed themselves because of the mental illness o Sociological: person killed themself because their violation of their personal rights as a result of the system  People with Lived Experience (PWLE): have experience with mental illness/mental system o But almost everybody has so
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