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Lecture 41

DST 614 Lecture 41: Example Template for Individual Analysis of Key Issue

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Disability Studies
DST 614

Template for Individual Analysis of Key Issue by Every Student for the REFLECTIVE ANALYSIS PRACTICE EXPERIENCE (Winter Term 2016) This is a template for analysis of behaviour in a specific situation. This analysis focuses on YOUR actions, not those of your classmates or unit staff. Analyze your behaviour during your clinical experience. Use the blank template on the next page to identify your Key Issue and Hypothesis and to outline your analysis of the Key Issue. By completing this template you will be better able to clearly focus your writing in the Analysis, Revision and New Perspective components of the LEARN Process. Sample ANALYSIS of Key Issue Key Issue: The key issue is that the interview of client went poorly related to my lack of understanding of how to conduct an interview, resulting in my lack of knowledge misunderstanding of the client. Hypothesis: Eye contact and improved preparation for the interview [A] will result in a better interview and an improved understanding of the client improved nurseclient relationship [B]. A causes B or A is related to B Your Reflection on Scholarly Evidence from a current What will you What will you change in a similar situation (20072014) scholarly journal preserve in the future? Problem you article [peer reviewed] continue? encountered Something that didnt work for you Put the complete reference for what you did that: your scholarly article at the end of this template. did not work, was not effective you struggled with you wish you could improve upon I sat across the room Attending behaviors: sit close, lean Leaned forward, Sit closer from the client, leaning forward, erect, open posture (p. erect open forward, 201) posture I was preoccupied with Familiarize yourself with questions Familiarize myself with the questions ahead tasks; I read each so that you do not have to read of time so I dont have to read them; question word for word them; need to provide minimal cues nonverbal gestures such as Provide more minimal cues nonverbal gestures nodding smiling (p. 218224) Active listening (p. 201) I took very detailed Take brief notes; fill in details once Take brief notes during the interview; write notes throughout the finished; full focus on client down interaction details ASAP afterwards 1 Page Reflective Analysis Support S. Wiesenthal, December 2015
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