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Confessions Of An Opium Eater-Part Two

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ENG 208

ENG208 28/03/2012 19:06:00 ← March 28, 2012 ← ← Confessions of an English Opium Eater: Part Two Altered/Actual State: Not relevant to an addiction memoir because they are under the influence. Altered state IS the actual state Self-presentations • Intended o What he wants us to think of him • Actual o What we really think about him ← Special Pleading • Exposes anxiety about being persuasive, anxiety of the audience ← Self-undermining • Thomas pleads to us to believe him by saying “to the reader” in this he contradicts himself ← Close Reading: • He watched his sisters die; this influenced and framed his female relationships • Anne: o Invested in him: she gives him medicine o Prostitute that he meets and cares for o “The reader needs to neither smile at this avowal or frown”: Negative connotation with prostitutes. “Smile” he is using the prostitutes for sexual engagements o “Familiar” –related to family, closeness, romantic o Understand what will come next; controlling the direction of the story (containment strategy, include him in the narrative) o Impress us with how open minded he is; very condescending tone (“ I am willing to talk to…etc) o Anne if noble minded; Narcissists such as Thomas take the good in themselves to praise others o He states that Anne is better then all the other prostitutes that she is different; undermining his interpretation of prostitutes o He says she is his sister; making him a guy not hanging out with prostitutes dismisses the idea of making him a client o Anne being his sister: Substitution, replacement, powerless to save her just like his actual sisters o Doesn’t know her last name? Protect Anne, perhaps not all realistic, story remains his own, doesn’t care enough about her as a person o Tried his best to find her; not many people took her missing prostitute seriously o
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