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Ryerson University
FSN 101
Sandra Tullio Pow

Textiles Week 8 Weaves Part III: Complex or Fancy Weaves Fancy or Complex Weaves - Design, texture or pattern in the weave - Created by special looms or attachments - Higher cost - Serviceability may vary Leno Weave - Fabrics are open and lacey - Warp yarns not parallel - Group of warp yarns twist in a figure “8” - Weft yarns are inserted through figure “8” - Used for drapery, thermal blankets - Also to create chenille yarns - Uses special attachment to create the irregular loom Pile Weave Fabrics - Noticeable plushy surface - Made with 3 sets of yarns - Background warp, background weft - And raised pile loops - Loops may be cut or uncut - Loops may be various heights - Loops may be crushed or flattened - Durability: influenced by; - Density of pile - Fibre content - “V” or “W” cut pile Types of Pile Weaves - Weft pile - Warp pile; double cloth method, wire pile, slack tension method - Extra set of weft yarns float on surface - Cut after weaving to produce the pile - Corduroy – weft float in lengthwise rows - Alternating with no pile row - In Velveteen weft floats are scattered - Creating an overall uniform pile - Velveteen – common in children’s wear because it’s cotton and washable, pile is shorter, more compact Warp Pile Fabric Double Cloth Method - Two layers of fabric woven on the loom - One above the other - A yarn joins both layers - Cut apart to create two fabrics - Joining yarn creates the pile - How velvet is made Wire Pile Method - As fabric is woven - A wire is inserted into the weft direction - Warp floats must pass over the wire - This wire has a knife edge - Wire is removed and cuts the float yarns - Forming the pie; pg. 56 Slack Tension Method - Certain warp yarns controlled - At certain points during weaving - They are let off and slacken - They form the pile loops - Loops may be on both sides or one side - Loops may be cut - Creates terry cloth Seersucker -
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