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Lecture 4

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FSN 101
Julia Scalzo

FSN 101Textiles I Week 4 11th Ed TextChapter 11 Pages 235248 Key Terms Yarn a continuous strand of textile fibres filaments or materials in a form suitable for knitting weaving or otherwise interwining to form a textile fabricFilament yarns almost always made from manufactured fibres by extruding a polymer solution through the spinneret and solidifying it in the fiber form The grouping of the filaments with the addition of the twist creates the filament yarnBulky yarns formed from inherently bulky manufactured fibres that are hollow along part or all of their length or from fibres that cannot be closely packed because of some fiber characteristicsStretch yarns thermoplastic filament or spun yarns with a high degree of potential elastic stretch rapid recovery and a high degree of yarn curlTextured or bulked yarns are filament or spun yarns with notably greater apparent volume than a conventional yarn of similar filament count and linear densityMonofilament yarns primarily for technical use Consist of a single coarsefilament fiberSpun yarns continuous strands of staple fibers held together in some way usually by twist They have a fuzzy surface and protruding fiber ends greater amounts of twist compared to fi
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