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FSN132 History of Art I Week 9 Lecture.docx

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FSN 132
Julia Scalzo

FSN132 History of Art I Week 9 LecturePhilip I of France 1250 1136 vs Life of Saint Denis 1317 1137Left more stylized building reduced to very simplified form abstract line drawing no indication of 3 dimensional form foreshorteningRight varied detailed wide arrange of colors naturalistic better anatomy figures are in varied postures decorative use of vines on border organic qualityBoth skewed perspective gothic cathedral1400s development of naturalismNotre DameFrench gothic cathedralStain glassRose windowsTranseptWestern towersSpire at the crossingVertical formsSte Foy Conques 1050 vs St Denis 1144With the Romanesque a round headed arch the diameter is fixedAmiens 12201269Terms that can be used for Gothic or RomanesqueRadiating chapelsAmbulatoryTranseptChoirVaultingSaintEtienne 1067 1039 vs Reims 1211 1132 vs Ste Chapelle Paris 12431248 1138 Left Massive lighter Romanesque verticality finished with Gothic style Middle no towers very narrow no isles no need for flying buttresses Right Decorative Gothic verticality is part of decorationKings College 1508 1148 1800s revival of gothic style churchesRenaissance 1400sItalian Romanesque and Gothic Architecture Pantheon Rome 117125 727Sta Constanza Rome 350 8911 Old St Peters Rome 330390 856
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