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lecture 5

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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Shavin Malhotra

Management Strategy Imp aspect of any org Help org beat competitiors Useful planning tools and techniques SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunites, threats) o strengths internal= manufacturing effiency, skilled workforce, market share, financing, rep o Weakness internal = Obsolete tech o Opp external = strong economy = huge growth rate o Threat external = new competitor, consumer more demanding Porters five forces model o Focuses on industry Highest rev 5aerospace and defence, 8health care: pharmacy, 7commercial banks, 10entertainment,6 food consumer products, network and comm., 4mining and crude-oil production,9 motor vehicles and parts, 2pharmaceuticals, 3railroads Least profit to rev ratio o Why industry? help design plan and strategy o Industry competition, customers, substitute products, suppliers, new entrants = if no these = no kind of industry in = better plan how reach position o Airline industry highly competitive = strong rivalry = many competitors = low profitablity Bargaining power of consumers, since strong competition and compare prices with one airline with other Suppliers not too many = better for suppliers and more competition with airlines = not good bc not lot of option and prices are controlled and supplier can demand the price of material = controled Oil = fly on crude oil = makes competitive bc prices controlled
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