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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Masoomeh Moharrer

Chapter 11 Organizational Design and Work Processes1Multiple Choice QuestionsCHAPTER INTRODUCTION115Which of the following statements does NOT describe a way in which traditional organizational structures are changingATraditional structures are being flattenedBNetworks are being developedCMore people are being hiredDInformation technology is being utilizedEDecision making is being decentralized to the point where knowledge existsCGTFa116The goals for changing traditional organizational structures include all of the following EXCEPTAImproved teamworkBMore creativityCShorter product development cyclesDBetter customer serviceEMaintenance of current productivity levelsEGTFaORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN ESSENTIALS STUDY QUESTION 1117The following statements describe different forces that are affecting structural design and how organizations are responding to these forces Which statement is NOT correctAOrganizations are changing and adapting their structures to meet the competitive demands of a dynamic environmentBChanging times require more flexible and wellintegrated organizationsCTeam structures and network organizations are gaining in popularity DOrganizations face widely varying problems and opportunities that affect how they are structured and managedEThe key to success is finding the one best organization design to fit all problems and opportunitiesEGTApWhat Is Organizational Design118 is the process of choosing and implementing structures that best arrange resources to accomplish the organizations mission and objectivesACultural managementBStructural strategizingCOrganization designDMechanizing the organizationECultural adaptationCKTFa2SchermerhornWright Management119The ultimate purpose ofis to create an alignment between structures and situational challengesACultural managementBStructural strategizingCOrganization designDMechanizing the organizationECultural adaptationCGTFa120In aligning structures with situational contingencies organizational design considers all of the following EXCEPTAEnvironmentBPeopleCStrategyDTechnologyEJob designEGTFa121Which alternative accurately describes the variables that should be considered in aligning organizational structures with situational contingenciesAEnvironment strategies people technology and sizeBEnvironment strategies people technology and leadershipCTechnology job design people work teams and leadershipDPeople work teams leadership decision making and communicationsEDecision making communications information technology computers and networksAGTFa122The goal ofis to achieve the best fit between structure and the unique situation faced by each organizationACultural managementBStructural strategizingCMechanizing the organizationDCultural adaptation EOrganization designEGTFaOrganizational Effectiveness123 refers to sustainable high performance in using resources to accomplish mission and objectivesAOrganizational visionBThe technological imperativeCOrganizational effectivenessDEthical managementEHigh intensity leadershipCKTFa
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