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Lecture 4

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Global Management Studies
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GMS 522
Helene Moore

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GMS 522 GMS 522 Week 4 Chapter 4: The Economic Environment Market Screening  Assessing a foreign market  The evaluation of economic variables that relate to the actual size and nature of the market(s)  Initial screening should be done efficiently but should also be very thorough  The analysis should utilize a wide range of economic criteria The Global Economy  Major developing debtor nations: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Peru, etc.  Group of five: United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan  Big emerging markets: China, India, Mexico, Indonesia, etc. GDP (Gross Domestic Product): the market value of all officially recognized final goods and services produces within a country in a given period Purchasing Power Parity  Goods and services in different countries have to be valued consistently if the differences are to reflect real differences in the volume of goods produced  PPP shows how many units of a certain currency are needed in a specific country in order to buy the amount of goods and services that one unit of currency will buy in another country Big Mac Index
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