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GMS 802
Jian Guan

1Chapter 1 The Language of EthicsWhy is Ethics an Uncomfortable Topic for Managers1Ethics is viewed as a highly technical discipline2Many see ethics as involving blame and fault3Ethics is seen as an idealistic endeavour while management is often considered to be all about hard numbers and practical resultsWhy Study EthicsTo clarify your values so you can make decisions that align with themTorespect yourself as a person of good character andintegrityTo be accountable to othersTo address issues such as Protecting the environmentAvoiding scandals eg Enron Worldcom TycoWorkplace harassment and discriminationMaking products that do not harm consumersStudying ethics will improve your ability to make good decisions and to be able to defend your choicesThree Traditions in Ethics1 Deontologylooks at the actions or means people use to achieve their goals2 Character Virtue Ethicslooks at the agents or persons who are acting in the situation3 Consequentialism Utilitarianismlooks at the ends or goals that are outcomes of actions Character DeontologyConsequentialism EthicsActions Deotologydeonduty or obligation to follow standardsEvaluates Actions based on standards of right and wrong Standards of human decency worth and respect rule out treating others in certain ways ie Lying to them physically harming themAgents Character Virtue EthicsFocuses on the personA person of good character demonstrates virtues ie fairness trustworthiness courageEnds ConsequentialismFocuses on the end result or consequences produced by an actionAn action which creates more good than bad in terms of achieving our goals is considered goodthe ends justify the meansConsequentialism can lead to unethical acts if the goals are not morally soundDesired goalsquestionable means questionable motivesUtilitarianism a branch of consequentialism seeks to create the most favourable balance of benefit over harmExample Susan wants to lie on her resume to get into an MBA programIs this ethicalAction What standards rules apply to this situationAgent Will doing this help me to become a person of good characterEndsConsequences What will be the consequences of doing thisIs my goal morally soundDecision Guide 1 DeontologyStandards of ConductA Society needs shared moral standards To keep people safe To allow for free expression Firms need shared moral standardsTo support conditions of efficient tradeTo create a productive work environmentStandards of Conduct 5 Core Principles1BeneficencePeople should provide help to others22NonmaleficencePeople should avoid causing harm to others3AutonomyPeople should be free to make their own choices4JusticePeople ought to give others what they are due and operate with fairness5ResponsibilityPeople have certain expectations of themselves which they expect in return from others What standards of conduct will this action violateLimits AutonomyLying will undermine the ability of the MBA school to make an informed choiceJusticeThe MBA school is owed the truthThis will prevent a fair selection process for other applicants Decision Guide 2 Virtue EthicsCharacter and RelationshipsKey Character Traits to DevelopCourageTrustworthinessLoyaltyRespectFairnessCaringCharacter is important for developing and maintaining positive relationshipsGood relationships require mutual trust respect cooperation teamwork and effective communicationExample Should Susan lie on her resumeShe needs to ask herselfWill lying on my resume help me to become the kind of person I want to become known forLying will not help her to become a person of good characterIf her lie is discovered she will become known as dishonest and untrustworthy This will affect her future success and relationshipsDecision Guide 3 ConsequentialismPurposesConsequencesStakeholdersIndividuals or groups who can affect or who are affected by the activity of the companyEg Employees suppliers government competitors customers investorsStakeholder Analysis1List relevant stakeholders2Identify what they want3Determine which stakeholders will benefit and who will be harmedExample Should Susan lie on her resumeAre her goals morally sound How will others be affected by her actionsIf her goal is to get into school at any cost she might justify lying However this is not a morally sound goalIf her goal is to prepare herself for future success in business she can consider other options besides lyingLying can potentially harm others by eroding honestyconfidence in the admissions processTension between Means and Ends Deontology vs ConsequentialismBreak Moral standardsDesired goalsNo matter how compelling a goal certain actions will always be questionable and some may never be acceptableLying
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