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Lecture 10

GCM 111 Lecture 10: Premedia Considerations: Part 2

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Graphic Communications
GCM 111
Jason Lisi

GCM 111: Lec 10 Premedia Considerations: Part 2 Feb. 16 / 2018 Premedia Processes and Procedures A premedia workflow is the core of any premedia department The workflow is a combination of hardware, software, file formats, and procedures that, when combined together, form the foundation for how premedia files are managed The goals of any premedia workflow should be automation, integration, and flexibility for key tasks There are many processes and procedures that can be a part of premedia workflow, and they vary from company to company. For the purpose of this course, we will focus on: File management Job ticket creation Preflighting RIPping, Trapping, Imposing Proofing Output Archiving File Management Error-free production starts with good file management policies File organization is key to increasing productivity Mistakes can be costly Important to have good naming conventions Always keep a copy of original files from client Job Ticket (Docket) Creation An electronic shell for the job that contains all necessary info Additional info relevant to the job is added as the job progresses The job ticket information is important for the successful completion (and billing) of a job We need to keep track of everything so we get paid for the work we do and sometimes a single job is handled by multiple people Preflighting the PDF Crucial part of quality control Preflighting should be done before any serious work is done Preflighting can be done in a standalone product like Acrobat, PDF ToolBox, or Pitstop Preflighting can be done in-RIP (it is further along in process, so it allows mistakes) RIPping the PDF RIP stands for Raster Image Processor RIPping a PDF alters the PDF slightly to make it compatible for output Most modern-day RIPs have advanced colour management and post-RIP feature sets Some RIP vendors call this refining
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