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HST 786
Ingrid Hehmeyer

HST 786 week 1 notes: - Map of the Islamic world, Europe was not discovered yet, neither was Africa. - From beginning of Islam of Islam to 1600 - After that things were pretty much changed - 622 AD was the First Hijrah - Arabic was the Scientific language - Greek was translated to Arabic, but scholars did more than just translate, they also contributed - Muslims started using paper , which was new, it originated from China, and it was cheap - Because they used papyrus, used a lot of water & made of plant - Parchment was also used ( under skin of animals) - The suitable animal was baby sheep, Calf, but they were small, if you wanted to a book, would be very expensive. Map with the river Nile, the Arabic maps were upside down, because in those days with self-facing up. Picture of the eye by Ibn Haitham - He did something revolutionary, that eyes did not process the image, but the brain! - He argued that the eye was only optical - He wondered if we were sending signals to the object, or the object sending signal to us. Picture of mathematics numbers, which were important - They needed math for problems like division and inheritance - Was used for entertainment too Picture of Alchemy instrument - Typical instrument for chemistry - They were supposed to have metal (gold), but they did more than that - (pic) metal and some kind of substance for mining - (Pic) used to cool down maybe vapors or for distillation of… an alembic - (pic) flask for collecting vapors and clear liquid - (pic) extract olive oil
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